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We offer a wide variety of Trampolines, Jungle Gym’s , Jumping Castles and Wendy House options for sale for your playground or kids play area.

JOY Jungle Gym’s come in various shapes and sizes. Most Jungle Gym’s can be added to as your children’s needs change.

To determine what size you want to buy, the following need to be considered:

Look at the space available in your garden.
The area needs to be level.
The children’s ages and needs to accommodate.

A Basic Jungle Gym consists of 1 Platform, 1 slide and a swing (+/- R 4850.00)

How will you determine if your children are ready for a Jungle Gym?

Most children are ready for a Jungle Gym from the age of two years. However not all children develop at the same pace, so joy should look at your child’s development and determine whether he/she is physically ready for the challenge.

JOY Jungle Gym’s are made of wood and have become very popular because of their authentic value. They’re more natural and blends in better with the garden. All jungle gyms must be maintained according to the specifications and treated once a year.

JOY Trampolines are suitable for children of all ages, with a weight limit of 180kg. All our trampolines come standard with sandbags (Cover of frame). However, Safety Cushions (Cover of springs) are recommended for small children.


Only R4500.00

Valid till 14th December 2018

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JUNGLE GYM SPECIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VALID TILL 14th December 2018


WAS R7500.00

NOW ONLY R6420.00


WAS R15600.00

NOW ONLY R12500.00

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When deciding to order a JOY Trampoline you need to consider the following:

  • Placement of underground pipes and cables such as irrigation etc.
  • All trampolines must be at least 1mtr away from fixed structures.
  • The more level the ground is the easier the installation will be.
  • If you are in a rocky area and a Jackhammer is required it will add an additional amount to the installation /or you can supply the machinery if so preferred .

The Sandbags are filled with soil from the pit. If soil is unsuitable for the fill of sandbags, the customer will be liable to supply suitable sand. The removal of the remaining soil will be the customer’s responsibility. Please note the safety cushions is optional and the fee depends on the trampoline size.